Fibreglass-reinforced pipe


The system of unpaved heating pipe is designed in such a way that it has a certain length, the functions of heating and transportation – “Composite soil heating pipe”. Since the collector is buried in the ground, low surface energy and a small roughness are formed on the inner wall, which prevents scaling and sedimentation of paraffin. In terms of heating functions and resistance to the deposition of salts, system requires almost no maintenance.

At the inlet and outlet of the unpaved heating pipe system, sensors for measuring internal temperature and internal pressure are installed. The temperature of the oil regulates the heating power so that the temperature of the oil is maintained at a certain temperature range (for example, about 50 degrees). By monitoring the pressure sensor in real time, can determine the point of clogging or accident

The control system also has a remote control function. If a failure or accident, engineers can remotely control the entire system. The control system heating pipe has the following functions:

  • The control system temperature is located in the open air and has the functions of cooling and heating, protection from rain and dust, protection class IP65
  • It has protection against short circuit, shutdown, no phase, overload
  • Use of three-phase power supply 380V 50Hz
  • The display shows temperature, wattage, voltage.
  • The controller and thermoregulator with the function of remote data transmission and control.

Heating and heat insulation pipeline with long distance

Often there is a need to pump oil over long distances from one well to another. For this, a heating and heat insulation pipeline is provided. He allows to heat it to a predetermined temperature during the process of transporting crude oil

Table 1. Heating and heat-insulating pipeline 1 km long

Heating pipe length 1000 м
Internal diameter of the heating pipe 50 мм (The size passing through on demand of the customer)
Pressure class 10 MPa
Nominal heating wattage 30 кВа
Nominal input voltage 380 В

The service life of at least 50 years. The warranty period is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

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