LLC  «VM-Project» – This project is dynamically developing manufacturing enterprise. Which is located in Podolsk, Moscow Region. The company started it`s activity by production rocky polymeric sheet for protection isolated surfaces of underground main pipelines in 2006. The main business line of the company is producing innovation products made of polymer materials.

Our company is really costumer-centered.

To increase productivity gains for businesses the modernization took a place in 2008. These have helped increase number from 1500 tons to 6000 tons per year.

The production grew by 7900 tons by 2010. Which is representing 2 millions square km. The same year was developed and started up the rocky polymer sheet for TC 2246-001-96017324-2010.

Having come so far and rising still, our company found an extrusion line for production a geomembrane layer thickness from 0,4 millimeters to 5 in 2013. This is designed for effective protection of environment from sources of industrial pollution. And also for protection of subterranean parts of construction works

Extrusion line was put into cooperation for production wearing rakes in 2014

Today «VM-Project» produces the following types of products:

  • Capacity, the service life is about 50 years
  • Waste-pumping stations
  • Polymer sheet thickness from 3 millimeters to 15 (in rolls)
  • Geomembrane
  • Rocky sheet
  • Composite pipes
  • Wearing material
  • Hydromat
  • Wearing system «BALIT»

The company is developing and also improves staff members. Regulary the specialists of the enterprice undergo training.

«VM-Project» values its reputation. We strive to build a long-term partnership. JSK

«Gazprom Fuel and Energy Complex Salavat» one of our regulars.

«VM-Project» participates in strategically important gas facilities of the Russian Federation since 2014. By exposing our products to the construction sector of gas transmission lines.

  • «Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok»
  • «Bovanenko – Ukhta»
  • «Ukhta – Torzhok»
  • «The Nord Stream»
  • «Power of Siberia»

In three years our company produce production more than 6 billion rubles.

«VM-Project» do not stop on its development and planes for the future to upgrade tecnology, to extend geography of the projects and enter new fields pf occupations.

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